The Media and it’s role in the misinformation of the Wiccan Religion.

In a recent episode of “House” the doctors went into their patient’s home and found a room that had been setup for Satan worshiping, (Necronomican and all) but then called him a Wiccan. This got under my skin a little bit, no I’m not Wiccan, but I have friends who are and I have attended a couple of Wiccan meetings when I was at basic training. but the reason this got under my skin is because it further pushes a negative stereotype.

Let’s go further back, say ten years, remember the West Memphis Three? If not, I’ll refresh your memory. Three boys were convicted of an enormously disturbing and gruesome murder of another three boys. Predicated on two things, a confession that should have been thrown out of court due to the fact that they took one of these boys, who was a little slow, held him for eight hours without a lawyer or a parent present. The confession itself was totally contradictory to what had happened to the boys. For instance the confession had stated that the boys were sodomized, yet the M.E. report showed no sexual contact whatsoever.

The second thing that got these boys convicted was that one of them was a wiccan dressed in goth, with the black fingernail polish and all. The prosecuting attorney in that case told the jury to look at him and said “There is no soul in there.” Yet two of the boys were sentenced to life and the third (the Wiccan) has been sentenced to death.

Folks, there is no messing around here. this is country built on religious tolerance, and yet somehow Wiccans are still persecuted. So let me set the record straight, one of the reasons that this ancient religion is misunderstood is because it isn’t secular. There is no single belief, Wiccans don’t all believe in the same thing. So technically we are all Wiccan. Think about it. The Wiccan religion predates most other religions and somehow it had gotten discredited and persecuted because there is no core belief. A hundred years ago you would have been killed if you were suspected to be a Wiccan.

So now I leave it to you, please share your thoughts, remember it’s all validated but any blatant disrespect will be deleted


One thought on “The Media and it’s role in the misinformation of the Wiccan Religion.

  1. Wicca isn’t ancient. It was founded in the 70s by Gerald Gardner and not on all of the wholesome principles they embrace today.

    Anyway that aside, I was a Celtic Pagan for years. From age 14-26. I had a very diverse group of friends, from a religious perspective. Christians, wiccans, buddhists, satanists (Church of Satan, LaVey satanism not to be confused with the image most conjure when they hear the term..though I don’t condone either of the two) anyway – this country was founded on christian principles, and I would say we are tolerant of race, religion, etc..more than we should be at times, to the point of overcompensation.

    Anyway this case sounds unfortunate, and things like this happen all the time not only based on religion or outward appearance, but because we are humans, and humans are falliable.


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