The center of the universe is not you.

Folks there’s a hard truth that people know but they tend to ignore. Hell, I’ll forget from time to time. The reality of our own existence. How many people do you give advice to, or have talked to you about their frustrations only for you to say “Why do I bother?” It’s in our nature to care but we still miss the bigger picture. There are people with much bigger problems than that lazy man, or I get up and my back is sore.

At least you get up, or you have somebody who may be lazy but they don’t cheat and they don’t hit. It’s time to get up in the morning and ask ourselves how can I help someone else today? What can I do to make people just a little bit more nicer? Now I’m not saying that your issues aren’t important, because they are…to you. Just show a little mercy with your complaints, I may have just lost a relative and you come up to me asking if your dress makes you look too skinny, first off I would make fun of you, second you could have asked how I was or if I’m holding up okay.

I kept thinking today, “I’m hungry, I can’t get fast food because I need to pay rent.” Yet I should happy that I could eat anything at all. I can’t seem to recall that there are people right now that can’t keep anything down because of their chemo. Life is funny that way, you may be aware of the world, but you only live in yours. Prayers to all that are sick, my thoughts are with you and yours. Good night everybody.


4 thoughts on “The center of the universe is not you.

  1. I try to tell myself these things every day. Because I tend to feel sorry for myself too often. I’m just glad some people have the presence of mind to realize if we have the ability to get online and see this then very likely we have a lot to take for granted.


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