Where did they go?

Okay here’s a tough subject that I know is going to get a little heated so, just giving you a fair warning.

I have a question for all the theologians and ancient alien theorists out there. Where did they go? Every creation story begins with beings that came down from the sky and created man. Then there are HUGE interactions between man and these beings. Then it all stopped. Just like that. We were left to our own devices. Why? What did we do?

My theory is that maybe beings did come down from the sky and not only created but enslaved man. Then we wised up, maybe rebelled against our captors. Or are they just watching and occasionally interfering? Now, please understand, my goal is not to impede on religious beliefs. Like you I am just seeking answers. Now if we found out this was the case, then how would you react? I still believe in God or a divinity. It could be said that God’s hand was working through these beings. Your thoughts?


7 thoughts on “Where did they go?

  1. no problem. I have rh negative blood. all my kids are positive. I have to get the shots every time I reproduce, which if you haven’t noticed is quite often.


  2. Starseeds are one RH- theory, another is Reptilians..they follow the same vein though of being “alien” some people think its from angels procreating with humans..who knows, its just an abnormality but anyway I find it interesting.

    I have A- blood, and a lot of these traits though not all and like many of these types of theories some things are a bit outlandish but I copy pasted this from a site:

    TRAITS found in RH negatives: There are certain similarities that occur to those having RH negative blood – according to some who have it there are common patterns found, which include the following:

    1. predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color, also blue eyes

    2. reddish hair , brown

    3. low pulse rate

    4. low blood pressure

    5. keen sight or hearing

    6. ESP

    7. extra rib or vertabrae

    8. UFO connections

    9. love of space and science

    10. a sense of not belonging to the human race

    11. piercing eyes

    12. para-normal occurrences

    13. physic dreams

    14. truth seekers

    15. desire for higher wisdom

    16. empathetic illnesses

    17. deep compassion for fate of mankind

    18. a sense of a ‘mission’ in life

    19. physic abilities

    20. unexplained scars on body

    21. capability to disrupt electrical appliances

    22. alien contacts (Many Starseeds are RH negative)

    Distribution of Blood Types of Blood Donors: O Rh-positive: 37 percent A Rh-positive: 36 percent B Rh-positive: 9 percent
    AB Rh-positive: 3 percent O Rh-negative: 7 percent A Rh-negative: 6 percent B Rh-negative: 1 percent AB Rh-negative: 1 percent

    And this is from some other random site:

    1. Compelling eyes
    2. Personal charisma
    3. Lower than normal body temperature
    4. Unusual blood type – or even a combination of types (Type O neg, is typical of Starseeds.)
    5. Transitional, extra, or fused vertebrae
    6. Extra or “misplaced” vertabre
    7. Hypersensitivity
    8. Lower than normal blood pressure
    9. Chronic sinusitis
    10. Thrive on little sleep and do their best work at night
    11. Was an unexpected child
    12. Although generally expressing love for their parents feel that thier mother and father are not their real parents
    13. Paternity may be in doubt. Father who raised them, not the biological father.
    14. Sense that their true ancestors came from another world, another dimension, another level of consciousness, and yearn for their real home “beyond the stars.”
    15. Feel great urgency, a short time to complete important goals, a special mission.
    16. Experiences a buzzing or a clicking sound or a high pitched mechanical whine in the ears prior to, or during, some psychic event or warning of danger.
    17. Most have asthma
    18. Had unseen companions as a child
    19. Had a dramatic awakening experience around the age of five which often took the form of a white light and/or a visitiation by human-appearing beings who gave information, guidance, or comfort.
    20. Have since maintained a continuing contact with beings which they consider to be angels, masters, elves, spiritual teachers or openly declared UFO intelligences. Are probably contactees.
    21. Had a serious accident, illness, or traumatic experience around the age of eleven or twelve which encouraged them to turn inward.
    22. Appear to have unusual abilities which are considered paranormal by their peers and family – they are psychic and people, whether they scoff or not, know to listen to them when they speak of having seen something
    23. Many have red hair
    24. Appear to have unusual abilities far above average in specialized areas, such as art, music, mathematics, drama, the natural sciences, healing, etc.
    25. Often express an alien planetary environment in their art work, fantasies, dreams. May have spoken of their “other” home during childhood.
    26. Find that children and animals appear strongly attracted to them – includig wild animals who seem to have no fear of them.
    27. May have “mystic crosses” on their palms
    28. Experience an unsual attraction to natural crystals and certain rocks
    29. May have frequent nose bleeds
    30. May have hemophilia (along with the ability to control it)
    31. Often have “flying dreams”
    32. Have a strong affinity to the eras of anceint Egypt and Israel, when contact with multidimensional beings was conducted on a more open basis by the entities themselves.
    33. Suffer from swollen or painful joints
    34. 93% are Empathic – experiencing the pain and ailments of others physically
    35. Adversely affected by high humidity
    36. Have hypersensitivity to sound, light, touch, colors and emotions around them
    37. Hypersensitivity to alcohol and most drugs
    38. 97% are Empathic – experiencing the pain and ailments of others physically
    39. 87% are night people and remain so throughout life
    40. The words, “Now is the time.” are extremely important to them
    41. They are catalysts – often spurring others on to accomplish great things and never really needing the recognition for having helped.
    42. They are listeners
    43. Many are often quiet people, seeming introverts.
    44. They are highly intelligent and are often over educated
    45. They remember past lives from this planet as well as others
    46. Often show wisdom and knowledge far beyond their years
    47. Have experienced out of body states since early childhood
    48. Have memories of birth and infancy
    49. Share a knowing, an awarenessthat their ancestors – or, perhaps, their true consciousness, their Souls – came from another dimension
    50. Have memories of a Starship that came to this planet thousands of years ago
    51. They were born during a cluster of Starseed births, usually every ten years: 1934-1938, 1944-1948, 1945-1958, etc.
    52. They are telepathic from birth and may be unaware of it
    53. They are usually taller than average, maybe not by much, but they are taller
    54. Have a sense of “mission” or purpose.
    55. They are givers, rather than receivers, they build up, rather than tear down, create rather than destroy.
    56. They speak with plants and animals.
    57. They may see and communicate with fairies and elves (not only during childhood)
    58. They are usually loving and kind
    59. They know they are not human.
    60. They frequently see lights in the sky which are not stars
    61. Learn from an early age not to talk about certain things as other people are not like them
    62. Feel as though they are waiting for “something” to happen
    63. They do not have racial or sexual prejudices.
    64. They know that no cause is “holy” enough to justify holocaust and annihilation; they value life more than others
    65. Exhibit an aura of kindness and gentleness. However, they are not driven to proselytize for what they believe in, knowing that those who will eventually feel the same as they, will come to do so on their own.
    66. They are interested in life and people find them fascinating
    67. They see and talk to “ghosts” and aren’t necessarily frightened by them.


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