What is the deal!!!???

I have to make an apology to myself. I’m sorry Ken, I almost lost my cool, and could have made things worse for a friend. I want everyone to know I would do anything for a friend. That includes defending them when it’s needed. On my Facebook I have a friend who is by profession, a psychic. Lately her professional page has been under attack by somebody who apparently wants to remain anonymous. I say this because whoever it is created the page and immediately “liked” her page, started giving the same old line about the lottery, then commenting on all her posts in the negative. That is all this thug has done with it.

He claimed to be calling out frauds yet he himself is a fraud in creating a fake page. What a hypocrite! Then he challenges her to some guys deal about proving scientifically that she’s on the level, then she’d have a million dollars. Here’s the thing, Science has been proven wrong before. Not everything can be proven scientifically. We’re still sequencing DNA! We really don’t know WHY our own brains work. Why do people place such faith in science? Remember when science thought the Earth was flat? Or When science said Man would never fly, let alone go to the moon?

Science is not an absolute in some areas. If it was we would know definitively how the pyramids were built. There would be no question as to how Sumeria was built with streets and buildings set up kinda like New York. Or even answer why the Dinosaurs died out, they keep changing their minds!! Even our origins would have been answered. Science is not the end all definitive answer.

I know there has to be something to it, I’m going to let you all in on something. When I was young I had my parents order a book called “Dreams and Dreaming” from Time Life. It came with a pouch of crystals in it like Tigers Eye, Obsidian, clear quartz, I think I even had a rose quartz but it was so thin that I couldn’t tell. A few years later I bought a hematite, I think it was, from the MN zoo. Fast forward to a few months ago. I had gotten my pouch from my parents house because I had received a book from my wife on my Birthday, written by my friend that described what kind of powers these crystals had. On a hunch I placed them under my pillow. Yes I did, stop arguing.

Well let’s just say the results for me were interesting. I actually had dreams that I remembered the next day. One actually startled me awake really early in the morning. I lost those crystals last month on the light rail coming back from work. yes, I carried it with me. I haven’t remembered or even know if I had a dream since. I can’t explain it, but what I can do is keep questioning, and keep looking for answers.

I almost went off on this guy, I actually posted a rebuttal. Then I deleted it because, it would just fuel this person more. This guy has an opinion, actually it’s more of a belief, and believers can not be convinced otherwise.


7 thoughts on “What is the deal!!!???

  1. To put it simply Ken, most people don’t like what they can’t understand or explain with their knowledge and/or science. People like to have physical proof, something they can see, and if they don’t get that they like to take it out on people that are different.


    • The thing is, I don’t know why I let it get to me. I just don’t get why people need to bother or try to hurt somebody that did nothing to them. It kind of reminds me of the time when I was working at the theatre and The Divinci code came out. I couldn’t tell you how many post its with scripture were on the posters and doors, oh or they wrote directly on the signs with markers.


  2. It took me a long time to find this comment box I don’t know why. Anyway, that whole “predict the lottery” thing is so ridiculous anyway. Not everyone is that interested in ridiculous wealth, not to mention from what I understand it doesn’t work that way. Its more like impressions, rather than concrete, set in stone declarations. But what do I know.


  3. uh..ridiculous, ridiculous ridiculous. Just wanted to make sure you all caught the redundancy there. I have a limited vocabulary.


  4. Do you need me to send you new crystals??? You really should go pick them out yourself, but I have spares!!! 🙂 Shhh don’t tell your brother he might have me committed!

    Glad you didn’t go off on the guy… it just brings you to that level… and really accomplishes nada!

    I hope the finder of your crystals reaps the benefits from them! 🙂 Wonder if they will have the same dream???


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