Thank Goodness for FaceBook.

I owe another apology, this time to Facebook.  Before I joined Facebook, I thought it was really one of the stupidest things on the face of this planet.  Meant for pedophiles and kids.  Okay not really but that was a general consensus.  Under some very heavy peer pressure I joined it, and was really confused with all its nuances and such.  Then something remarkable happened.  I actually got in touch with a HUGE amount of old friends.  We get caught up, crack jokes, and just be…well, social.

Lately I’ve found that I’ve made some awesome new friends as well, not just old friends and current friends but friends that I’ve never met.  Life is funny that way, you meet people who are friends of a friend, then you become friends.  You never know where that road will take you.  They may even wind up being the love of your life….or your worst enemy.

Anyway, back to my point.  When I have a long day at work or just need a break from the daily grind, I know I can just pop on there and have fun.  I used to have a myspace which was cool for a while but then they had taken away the music player of my choice and really it got boring.  I didn’t talk to as many friends as I do on Facebook.

Think about it though, how many  great people would you have never of met if you didn’t have a facebook page.   OK this was really meant to be a short blog and a time waster, but also a thought I was having the other day.  Good night folks and I promise I’ll try to find a much better topic for next time.


2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for FaceBook.

  1. Yep, I’m pretty great. :p ha, ha.

    I hated facebook too. I was all about myspace. At some point though, MySpace was taken over by teenagers and idiots. It seems like everyone left MySpace en masse, it was actually a bit eerie.


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