Thirteen Years

It’s been thirteen years and I remember it like it was yesterday. I hadn’t had a first date in a couple of years so I was really nervous and apparently anxious because I miss calculated the time and showed up forty-five minutes early. Although you didn’t have time to get your hair up you looked gorgeous in your blue pants suit.

We ate at The Chinese Gourmet in Burnsville off of the Burnsville Parkway and 35W. I do have to apologize though because I don’t remember what you ordered, probably because I was too busy learning about you. After dinner we went to see a movie and couldn’t decide on a movie, I’m glad I backed down because if we saw Austin Powers over ConAir, there may not have been a second date, and our song wouldn’t be How Do I Live.

After the movie we got hungry again and went to Perkins, where I realized that I lost my new checkbook. So I paid with my check card and took you home.

I may not remember the actual dates or some minor detail, but I do remember the events. Always remember I love you.


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