And Now a Word From Psychic Tiff

I am posting this message from a friend and psychic Tiffany Johnson.  Tiffany is nationally, or more accurately internationally famous.  She has been seen on the A&E’s Psychic Kids, on radio stations across the country.  Go to her website at for readings, past life regressions, and other awesomely cool services.  What? Awesomely is a word!

I get dozens of emails/messages about “what to do” if there is a psychic kid in the family or nearby.  This was one of those notes and I thought I’d share it with you (keeping the party that wrote the letter confidential) as it’s what I often say in cases such as these…..  Hope this helps you guys if you know of/live with a psychic child!

Note from interested party:


    My neighbor’s daughter is gifted but the family is having a really hard time with her. She’s 3 years old and recently started, “seeing” people. They were driving by the cemetery and she started waving and saying hi everybody. Lot’s of different events, but what’s worrying me is the old man and grandma that are in her home. She says they are mean. She is now afraid to be without a parent joined at the hip at all times because she’s scared. Any ideas for helping her/family?

My response:

Honey – there’s really nothing to “help” her with.  Or her family either.  First – children are NATURALLY more predisposed to the psychic side of things (ALL of us are psychic and so therefore not a “gift” as that implies having something that another doesn’t).  They haven’t been deterred from that inclination by peers, society, etc.  Second – at that age we really can’t determine what is imagination and what isn’t.  We, trying to understand, tend to “lead” children who seemingly are tuning in psychically.  And, since kids want to please parents, they often see mom or dad anxiously asking if they are seeing “________”  and because they see the excitement, they go along.  NOT to say that this is the case in this situation, but we don’t know.

Best thing is not to engage it, let the child be and talk about things on their own.  Don’t prompt.  Don’t try to make things fit.  Just do the “That’s neat!”  or ask very bland questions like “How’d that make you feel?” or “When did that happen?” and DO NOT have a reaction.  Of course – if the child is frightened, comfort them the way you would if they had a bad dream.  The only other suggestion is that the parents educate THEMSELVES on psychics and psychic phenomena so they can be a bit more discerning on what is happening with their kid. 

Good luck!


Tiffany Johnson

Now OBVIOUSLY if there seems to be a paranormal situation going on that becomes aggressive, we need to look at alternatives.  But just because this child is saying something is “mean” doesn’t necessarily make it angry.  Kids often use “mean” to communicate a look of someone being stern, old, unkempt, etc.  They also use it when they feel uncomfortable around someone or something – which – could CERTAINLY be the case here.  So – take all things into heart and let things play out.  Don’t immediately rush to put a rubber stamp on ANYTHING psychic OR paranormal.


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