Anybody else notice the upsurge in crap paranormal shows?

Seriously, what the hell is going on out there?  Following the enormously successful Ghost Hunters there has been a paranormal blow out of shows that really just seems like crap.

Let’s take, for example, Ghost Adventures.  Here’s a show about ghost hunting with twenty something  year old people who freak out and scream way too easy.  Cartoon network attempted a Ghost Hunting show…with kids.  Yeah, talk about child endangerment.

Then again who am I to judge, it the scary freaky stuff that sells.  I’ve heard stories from actual Ghost hunting teams that would bore the heck out of some people.  Then again the same people would tell stories of demonic and negative spirits causing all sorts of problems.

I’m not saying all these paranormal shows are crap, it just seems like the stuff that really does seem more professional and educational gets shoved aside for the ones that are just unbelievable.   The next statement may hurt a little,  Ghost Hunter’s is starting to become boring.  Hold on don’t go anywhere, let me explain this.

The turning point for the show was right around the station name change from Sci Fi to SyFy.  If I’m understanding this correctly SyFy controls what goes on air.  With the popularity of Ghost Hunters they are getting invites to check out more notoriously famous areas.  I’m almost positive that they still do personal homes and what not, but SyFy execs may be looking at these well-known places and think they’ll get more ratings even if there was no positive results.  All the best stuff has always been in someones home with the exception of the St. Augustine lighthouse or the Stanley Hotel.

TLC has the Haunting shows, I think A&E has stuff as well.  Usually those are just ghost stories that are for entertainment, nothing is ever caught as evidence.  There have been some shows that were proving to be good positive shows that have been cancelled here in the states, but ran in England and seemed to have great reviews.

I could be way off base on this, but it just bugs me that instead of trying to understand what’s going on or can be easily explained away it’s all taken as fact.  The paranormal “community” should get together and put a list of programs that could be considered legit, stories, or just plain crap.


Questions? Comments? Tell us how stupid or brilliant we are? Bring it.

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