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Holy crap balls! What the hell is going on out there?  Well the good news is that if you’re a gay catholic male prostitute it’s no longer a sin to wear condoms.  So go ahead and stock up.  If you want to go personally and thank the pope you’ll have to thank the TSA also for doing for free what you normally charge for.  So I ask again, WHAT THE HELL??!!

We have UFO’s flying off the coast of California, we can call it that because technically that was what it was. Nobody could tell us what it was that was recorded flying close to the water then up into the sky.  Looked like a missile to me. However the Pentagon said it was a plane and we should believe them because they always tell us the truth.

Harry Potter opens up it first installment of its final chapter.  HUH? Really, is the story really that packed full it needed 2 parts?  Not that I’m complaining, I like the Harry Potter series, but aren’t they long enough without breaking it up? From what I hear though it’s supposed to be the best one yet.

I’ve always said that there’s something in the water over there in Wisconsin.  Some of your most notorious serial killers come from there like Dahmer, Gein, and spanbauer. Now there is a drunk man who didn’t think that Bristol Palin could dance, so shot out his TV, then he threatened his wife causing a standoff that lasted until the next morning.  Really?  The kids of politicians are being targeted?  There was an envelope sent to ABC studios that had white powder in it…addressed to Bristol Palin.

With everything going on nationally it’s difficult to get upset about anything locally.  Like Lockheed Martin will be shutting down here in Minnesota.  Not enough Government contracts.  If you don’t know what Lockheed Martin does, they are a manufacturer and mostly deal with defense contracts.  However North Korea is now nuclear.  Yup, they opened a nuclear power plant,  that impressed the hell out of some US officials.  This was all built with opposition from the US and the UN. Fabulous.

Well those were the stories that has stuck out lately for me anyway.  But I think the biggest story is the TSA groping IF you refuse the scanners.  The scanners are supposed to give a faceless image of your naked body to someone in another room.  It’s supposed to be safe but any radiologist will tell you that there is no leak proof radiological device.  If you don’t want that you can literally get felt up by a person of the same sex.  That’s not an exaggeration, junk gets moved around or breasts get lifted and palms go under.  Invasive? HELL YEAH! If the scanners were skeletal maybe they’d be on to something.  Like in Total Recall.  I think that would be cool, but again it would need to be perfected so that there is no radiation leak.

Ok that’s enough of me pretending to be giving the news.  You’ve all read it and watched it, this is just my way of saying.  WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH US???!!!! Good night.


3 thoughts on “In the News

  1. The “UFO” really looked like a Stinger Missle. Could have been fired by accident but that would never be admitted publicly.
    The Bristol Palin thing is just sick. Consider the source. We are talking Wisconsin after all. Mostly inbred drunks over there anyway.
    North Korea will “saber rattle” until the end of time. Their economy cannot fund a war. If they are crazy enough to push the button, many in South Korea will die but our response WILL, I repeat WILL send them back to the stoneage.
    People need to stop lambasting the TSA. Most agents are doing exactly what they are trained to do. And yes, the new regulations that they have to abide by call for more evasive searches. Most TSA agents are regular Joes trying to do the right thing. There are a few bad apples in the bunch like with anything else.


    • Oh I’m not lambasting the agents, just what they are told to do. We’re being told this is in the name of security, yes children are now exempt, but be a rape or molestation survivor and go through that pain again. When is enough going to be enough? Next people will endure cavity searches. Don’t think it wouldn’t happen, the whole reason they started this method was because of the stuff they were able to get passed through in their own tests.


      • To clarify, I know you weren’t lambasting them. By using the term “people”, I pretty much meant the constant drumming against them I’m hearing in the media and the sheep who listen to every word of it. They almost make it sound like it’s the agents who instituted the new methods and they are all pedophiles and perverts.


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