Has being connected crippled society?

In a way it kind of has.  Let’s look at the world twenty years ago; if we wanted music we dragged our butts down to the mall and bought CDs.  Weird concept, I know, but it’s what we did.  When we wanted a job we looked in the paper or just dropped into a business and asked for an application, if you were lucky, might have gotten an interview that day.  Automatic deposits were unheard of and it was sweet if you had a huge bulky CD changer in your car.

Now let’s jump a few years, the internet got larger and more utilized.  With advent of broadband it was easily used.  Companies started posting jobs on sites like Monster and Career Builder.  News stations built websites and posted news there, inadvertently causing newspaper sales to drop.  Companies, in order to compete, put up online stores making it even easier to get the stuff you want quicker.  Which is great because now you can have whatever you wanted right your finger tips! Companies, like Best Buy, Target, Papa John’s,  in order to go green and add a psychological analysis started only accepting applications online, no more going out and getting hard copies and waiting for it to get to the manager or HR department.  It’s all instantaneous!

UNTILL…It fails.  Comcast a couple of days ago, while updating their servers, inadvertently knocked out internet for thousands.  Yes there was outrage.  Why?  Maybe because we had no warning.  No e-mails, no messages on our cable box, not even a little news blurb.  Nothing.   I want to clarify this, I was not one of the ones complaining.  I’m just offering an explanation.

Although I did spend an hour trying to figure out if my router was messed up.  Again, a heads up would have been nice.  There is a likely scenario being predicted, that the sun will expel a solar flare large enough to knock out ALL of our electronics.  No-more computers, cars, planes, Ipods.  Then what? Sure, it’ll take a few years to get back to where we are, but what will we do?  Nobody in this day and age knows how to live in a pre 20th century world.

How about before this happens we go back to the basics.  Revert to a simpler time, learn to live without technology.  Even if just for a couple of weeks, the only way to survive is to learn how to.


2 thoughts on “Has being connected crippled society?

  1. Thanks Ken for “re posting” this for me….Like we were talking about last night, I think we are moving backwards as humans in many ways…….are we going to one day lose the ability to talk or write?? We are self sheltering our selves….locked away in our houses, hooked to our internet, cell phones, video games that put us in imaginary worlds….gone are the days of leave it to beaver, where everyone knows their neighbors, kids, which cars belonged and which ones didn’t. No more coming inside when the porch light comes on…..the kids are already inside doing all the above instead of LIVING life outside the four walls of their house. Maybe one day we will lose our ability to CARE…..if there is no real human contact, you can’t possibly have empathy or understanding…….all of which technology is robbing us of a little every day. In my opinion anyway!


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