The Attack on Talk Radio Is Just the Beginning

For the past week now, since the shootings in Tucson, we’ve been hearing about talk radio inciting violence.  I’ve been hymming and hawing over weather or not I needed to say something or if I should just leave it alone.
This is more for me than for you but if your interested, awesome, if not that’s okay too.  I’ve listened to talk radio off and on for the last nine years or so, at no point in any of those years I have not heard one thing about assassinating anyone.
So why only two hours after the shooting was talk radio being blamed?  there was no shred of evidence, and no specific examples were given.  Except for some maps that had crosshairs on counties referring to swing counties that needed to swing right.  However the DNC had maps like that as well.
So I ask again, why?  Why is a Sheriff, who’s county is in serious need of policing, be able to get the media’s attention?  Because they want you thinking a certain way.  They want to manipulate you to think that this was a political assassination when it wasn’t.
About Twenty years ago there was an actress named Rebecca Schaeffer, who was stalked and killed by a man who loved her so much, even though he never met her, that when she had a sex scene in the only movie she ever made, thought that she was “just another hollywood whore.”  He was delusional.  After that the cast of My Sister Sam, started a gun control campaign.
Why bring this up? Glad you asked, this was the same thing.  Not the “whore” part but this guy was giving Congresswoman Giffords death threats for a while now.  His friends have said he never watched the news, listened to talk radio, and he wasn’t politically aware.  He did have a fixation on Congresswoman Giffords.
He’s also had a troubled past with schools, run in with the law, blah blah blah.  that’s the part you know.  Now, there are several ways this is going to go.  This could go;
A.  Gun control will be on the table again.
B.  The Fairness Doctoran will be revisited.
C. Internet control will be revisited
D. All of the above
Let’s analyze this.  Gun Control, won’t solve anything, criminal intent is criminal intent.  It’s easier to get it off the street as it is.  Fairness Doctoran, now there’s a can of worms.  The majority of people now are listening to talk radio, maybe not agree with the hosts, but they listen.  Take that away from the general mass and they will be screaming censorship and first amendment rights.  You think there’s public discourse now, wait till you take they’re entertainment away.  Internet control, Another first amendment argument.
It’ll all get killed in the house anyway…or will it? It would take an outcry from constituents to pass the bills.  Hmmm, seems like a damned if you do damned if you don’t to me.  It’s very chilling how one could create a need for something that wasn’t needed before.

Questions? Comments? Tell us how stupid or brilliant we are? Bring it.

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