Hold on, This May Sting a Little

I’ve been really trying to stay away from the political scene but with so many people worried about what some budget cuts would do, I gotta tell ya’…get over it.  That may have sounded harsh, but the cold hard truth is (and this is going to hurt worse) if you really truly want to turn this economy around, you need to understand programs, projects, any funding at all will need to be cut or eliminated.

It will hurt, BAD, for a couple of years but here’s the part that some people don’t get.  With the budget cut, taxes will drop, that means more money in your pocket, in your employers pocket in everybody’s pocket.  Which means, product demand will increase, which means production will increase, which means more jobs will be available.  The market will flourish again.

Now there can’t just be cuts, we’d have to take billions of dollars out of circulation to cause a deflation and increase the value of the dollar.  I know some of you out there are really cussing me out right now….but wait! There’s more!

Some of you have stated your support for public broadcasting, even grew up on it and can’t imagine what life would be like without it. THAT’S GREAT!!!  So you pay for it.  I can honestly tell you that the amount of time I’ve ever watched a show on PBS or listened to a show on NPR doesn’t even add up to two months all together.

I got bored with Seaseme Street when I was three, and my kids watched it untill they were about three, but they had Nickelodeon, Disney, and Noggin.  PBS is obsolete they say they have great programming but to be honest I never saw it.  NPR damn near put me to sleep and I was sitting up working on a copier.  Why should I be paying for something I don’t use.  More importantly why should I be forced to pay for it.  Let it be cut, I promise you if it IS any good, more people will pony up more dough to keep it running.  God forbid they get sponsors.

I haven’t paid to much attention to this thing in Wisconsin but I’ve heard that all they wanted to do was amend one section of a contract or bill and all of a sudden there’s panic in the streets about unfair practices.  Oh, and that government employees would have to pay for some of their healthcare….boo friggin who.  Welcome to the rest of the private sector employees.  I’m paying a pretty good chunk for my family coverage, maybe if they paid into it premiums might drop in the next year.  Slightly.  Maybe not.

So to recap, cut spending dramatically,   if you want to keep a public service going then donate your own money,  stop over dramatizing budget cuts.  I think that about covers it.  Ok let the onslaught begin.  Oh, by the way, I know this scenario won’t happen but in my humble opinion, it should.


2 thoughts on “Hold on, This May Sting a Little

  1. I don’t agree that PBS and NPR are obsolete but I agree with the rest.

    We watch a lot of PBS ’round these parts because I’m too cheap for cable or satellite.


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