Let the Past Be the Past

People are always looking to the past, whether it’s to be nostalgic or simply wishing to go back there.  I did that tonight. I downloaded Google Earth on my iPod and looked up my old homes. I realized something, the past is gone, just a memory.

One had some really dramatic changes to its landscape and the other (my first home) is GONE.  I mean literally torn down and in its place is a large building.  Playgrounds are non existent.  Like I said it’s all in the past.  There’s never any good that comes from dredging up the past.  Change is inevitable, I expected it be different I didn’t expect it to be gone.

At any rate, we need to be looking forward not back.  Looking back never does anybody any good, you can’t change it.  You can’t relive it.  All you can do is remember it. Because no matter what Charlie Sheen says, your past is the sum of who you are.  The good and the bad, embrace it and move on, there’s still a lot of past to make and time on this planet is so short.


2 thoughts on “Let the Past Be the Past

  1. Ken. I hate you. Obviously I’m kidding but you have probably prevented me from ever creating my own blog. I have been contemplating it for some time. The problem is your new layout. The background/format/color combination of this layout is fantastic! EXACTLY what I would have selected or designed. Given the fact I would not be able to have the most kick ass layout I can think of, I will probably elect to not start a blog.


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