U.S. Government’s Role in Your Life

Since the inception of the U.S. Constitution there has been debates on how the Government should be run.  It’s the reason why we have amendments, if something turns out to be missing or an issue arises out of an ever evolving world we can adjust it with a clear consensus.

There has been a lot of talk and debates of overreaching.  Rightly so, we’ve had an in your face government for quite a while.  People have grown dependent on the government’s money and programs.  Rather than them helping themselves it’s easier to just have the government hand them what they need.  Not to mention some welfare recipients are getting more money from the government than most companies are willing to pay entry-level employees.

The way the government was set up was with the promise of life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness.  Lately it’s become life (if your wanted), security, and taxpayer-funded happiness.  Slowly we’ve been handing over our God-given rights in the name of security, the planet, or health.

The United States government’s job is to protect us from foreign invaders, maintain an infrastructure, and provide a currency.  That’s it, everything else in your life was up to you.

I think we can all agree that life is not safe or fair.  So why are we pussyfooting around the fact that muslim extremists are the enemy?  Profile the hell out of people at the airport! Forget all these scans and patting down.  Get help from the Israelis. They’ve been doing this for longer than most of us have been around.  They have an excellent track record. Of course they also have armed soldiers at the head of the plane.  Things can be modified a bit.

We get it! Cigarettes are bad for your health.  Thank you for your concern, now back the hell off us.  Get out of our cars and stay out of our business’.  You do understand that if they can go in to your restaurants and ban smoking in the name of health, they can also ban the food that is served, right?

Everyone has the right to live.  Oh unless, you were unplanned then it’s a question of whether or not to abort.  This is a tricky subject for me, on one hand I see the necessity if the baby is not going to be well, or if the mother is at a grave risk.  Then there are those that get abortions as a form of birth control.

Unlike some other conservatives, I admire the Gay people who are trying to fight for the right to be happy in sanctioned marriage.  Yes there are civil unions but that only goes so far for legalities that come up.  For instance if your partner is hurt or even killed, you are not the next of kin.  You would have no legal right to have any say in funeral arrangements if the family doesn’t want you involved.  If a lesbian couple decide to have a baby and the partner that actually had it was killed guess what? That baby is now in the hands of the biological grandparents.  There was talk about changing the rules of the civil unions so why not just let them get married.  It doesn’t affect me at all, my life isn’t going to get torn apart by this. So you politicians in Washington need to just put their big boy/girl underpants on and let them get married.

We’re grown adults, we’re not idiots, we know from right and wrong. we know who we are, and who we need to be.  Do you really need your life legislated to the point of suffocation?


Questions? Comments? Tell us how stupid or brilliant we are? Bring it.

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