A Night at the Acme

A couple of months ago I caught wind of a comedy show coming to town.  I asked my wife if she wanted to go, because last time these guys were in town we had gone to see them and had a great time, so she said “sure”.

I went online and checked out the ticket prices, since we had the money at the time I treated us to the dinner and show package, which was only thirty dollars a person.  Speed up a couple of months later to the night of the show.  The Acme Comedy Club is on the edge of downtown Minneapolis.  So, we get there and park in the pay lot which in it of itself is funny because you park your car, give a machine your money, and place the receipt on the dash.  I don’t think anybody actually goes out there and checks to make sure that everybody parking there is legit.

Anyway, from the sidewalk we walk down a flight of steps just to get in the place.  We went in and looked around and this place was really well designed.  There is a ticketing desk off to the right, a bar to the left, and the restaurant right in front of us.  The staff there were very helpful, courteous, explained how the package worked, and told us where to go, and not in the derogatory way either.

So we get seated in Sticks restaurant, a very classy place, right down to the cloth napkins.  Now, the package included a sixteen dollar credit towards the entrée so I was torn between the eight ounce steak or the mushroom ravioli.  My wife went with the steak, I decided to do something I never do.  I passed up the steak and went for the ravioli.  I know, I know. I hope you were all sitting down for that because that is so out of character for me, but I could get a steak at Applebee’s, so I wanted to try something different.  It paid off! The dinners were great! We also splurged a little and got some wontons for the appetizer AND these raspberry cheesecake rolls.  Everything was fantastic! It was the perfect portions, no left overs and no overeating.

The package also included preferred seating.  Seeing as how I ordered the tickets two months in advance we were front row center. Now, I want to be clear on this.  When I say front row I mean there was little to no leg room, any closer and we’d be performing.  I’m getting ahead of myself, the club itself was this little room that easily sat up to a hundred people. Give or take a few.  In stereo typical fashion there was a lot of red in the color scheme had all the lighting of a comedy club.  The only thing missing was the boozer with a cigarette in the corner of the room.  never the less it was a good atmosphere.

So, we’re shown to our seats and another server comes by and asks us for a drink order. OH! I forgot to tell you, I’ve been drinking water all night.  Another shocker I know, usually I would have had about five pops by now.  Anyway, so we’re sitting there waiting for the show to start and there is this movie screen with a projector projecting the Acme logo, then there was some “coming attractions” that came up.  Just a note to the club, you guys are doing awesome up to this point so don’t misunderstand when I say this, but your projector sucks.  It’s time for an upgrade I could barely make out a person on it.

Back to the show, a little while later the host Andy Erickson came out, she kinda reminded me of a sketch character of a little a.d.d. girl.  She had a couple of good jokes, don’t get me wrong.  I think she would fare a little better in sketch comedy.

So now it’s time for the feature, he just flew in that day from Houston and had nothing prepared.  Which I love, you can really tell how funny a comedian is when they adlib.  Let me tell you, Chris Baker did not disappoint.  He had a couple of flubs but he was HILARIOUS!

Now it was time to go to the main event.  Tim Slagle killed up there, there were points where I couldn’t breath because I was laughing so hard.  From Bathroom scales to the difference between bachelor parties and bachelorette parties, I was nearly rolling on the stage.  Because there was no room on the floor. What’s cool about Tim is, he sells his cd’s right after the show, my wife walked up to him and held a brief conversation about how much we liked his show, and we already had his cd. Of which you can find on Itunes.

All in all, with the great food, friendly staff, and two of the funniest guys I’ve heard in a while, we had an awesome night.  If you ever get the chance to see these guys,   I highly recommend it.  Also, if you’re going to go to a comedy club I recommend The Acme, and get the dinner and show package.

If I were to give the night a star rating I would give it four and a half stars out of five.


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