Saving the World One Step at a Time

What a great way to celebrate my thirtieth post!! YAAAYYY!!!!!! Osama/Usama Bin Laden is dead. Killed in action by our Navy Seals. Awesome work guys! For the last ten years he’s been hunted after. Why did it take 9/11 to start? His reign of terror started back in the 80’s in Beirut with the bombing of the Marine barracks, then he masterminded the U.S.S. Cole and Oklahoma City bombings. So why did it take 3,000 of US citizen deaths to start the hunt?

I don’t want to get too political, there’s a couple of other things I wanted to get to as well, which are not political issues.

Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to save the world in one grand gesture there by immortalizing you in history books and in the hearts and minds of your fellow human beings? Welcome to everyday of my life. I realize that this is an impossible dream, so I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to stick to a few causes and leave the others to, well, others.

That having been said, I would like to bring to you an upcoming non-profit organization started by my friend, Sarah Adams, called One Hope. It’s an awesome organization that enables the homeless try to get back on their feet, when other avenues have failed or were unwilling to. It’s not a shelter, and it doesn’t blindly give money hoping that it get’s used properly.

Here is One Hopes Mission Statement;

One Hope Outreach

212 W. Kearney

Springfield, MO 65803

(417) 414-8701

One Hope Outreach is a charitable organization that ministers to homeless individuals and families in Springfield/Greene county, MO. The primary goal of One Hope is to give hope and direction to those who have nowhere to go, feel like the world has given up on them, and have given up on themselves. We do this by helping those in need navigate the bureaucracy of the existing agencies that can help them; providing financial assistance/temporary shelter/food when needed; providing spiritual and emotional support while witnessing God’s love; and raising community awareness of a largely misunderstood and overlooked problem.

It is a Christian organization but will accept donations from people of any faith and from all walks of life. From what I can tell it is the first of its kind and there needs to be more of them. Call the number to make a donation. Sarah makes sure to be very transparent about where the money goes.

Speaking of donations, there is one other issue that I think is extremely important. Usually, when you hear a convicted murder say I didn’t do it, do you believe them? I know I wouldn’t, Except in the case of Damien Echols, who is currently on death row in Arkansas. Damien was believed to be the mastermind behind the murder of three little boys in a satanic ritual. Sound familiar? I mentioned the West Memphis 3 in my first post.

Back in 1993 (when there was an increase in Satanic cult activity) three kids were found in the woods of West Memphis mutilated, naked, and hogtied with their own shoe laces. Naturally, in a small town like that, there will be outrage, terror, and the outcry to find the person who did this. Without going into too much detail (it’s all there in the link), the prosecuting attorney and the judge were running for an election and needed a conviction. The jury was highly emotional and allowed evidence that was never presented in the case to weigh their decision. The evidence presented was all less than circumstantial and the police did not do the proper procedures to build the case.

This case has caught a lot of attention from Celebrities like Johnny Depp, and the band Disturbed. Currently Disturbed has a song never released before, exclusively on their website for $.99 where all the proceeds go to the Damien Echols defense fund. Damien Echols is on his last appeal. He is the only one of the three sentenced to lethal injection. Tomorrow night True Crime with Aphrodite Jones will be about The West Memphis Three. Please watch it, If you don’t have cable or ID in your lineup go the West Memphis 3 link and read up and join the fight to save an innocent life.

I can’t do enough Justice for these two causes, I believe in them very strongly. I didn’t put all the information I could on the West Memphis Three on here but I gave you a link to a great resource for it. One hope is just starting but I see a TON of potential for longevity and a serious blow to the homelessness issue. My hope is that you take these seriously and really look at it. Pass the word on. Share it and make a difference in the world. Lord knows we really could use some good news. Help make it happen. Thank you and good night.

UPDATE; The West Memphis 3 was freed in August on an Alford Plea.


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