I’m SHOCKED!! Did You Know That There Is an Entire World Beyond This Box?

It’s true!  I’ve seen it!  For  quite a while now I’ve been noticing this trend.  It’s actually really telling about what direction society is going in.  More and more it’s easier to connect to people through social networks and e-mail.  I know I’ve talked about this before but I don’t think I got my own message.

I can’t tell you how many times I get bored at work and I sat on Facebook waiting for a good status to comment on just to make people laugh.  Like I needed some validation that I was funny and when it was validated I continued on that path.  It’s stressful when you realize that the best status’ or comments you’ve had are from real life but you’re not living it.  I’ve realized something, those people out there making a difference, they do something that in today’s world seems noble.  They go outside, meet people, and have fun doing so!

Don’t get me wrong I love my friends Facebook or otherwise.  Most I’ve never met but I wish to someday, maybe.  It’s not going to happen sitting in front of a screen or holding a mobile device.  So here’s what I’m going to do, after my barrage of posting this page, I’m going offline for a week.  I’ll still have my phone so I’ll still text but no more Facebook.  For a week.  I’ll check e-mail, maybe a few news websites.  That’s it.  Nothing more.

Unless there is some major catastrophe that I’ll need some help, prayers, guidance, whatever, you won’t see me.  Some of you are going to say “whatever” others will not read this and may ask where I am.  Then again people might not.

There’s a whole world out there that I need to get back into.  This is about survival as well.  I’ll probably check out some schools and see what my chances are for scholarships and grants.  Not that I want to take money from the government but if I can, I’ll better myself and hopefully not need to use other people’s money again.


3 thoughts on “I’m SHOCKED!! Did You Know That There Is an Entire World Beyond This Box?

  1. Survival is good….and if you quailify for the grants go for it, that is what they are there for. Just remember to give back whether it is paying it forward or volunteering, it all comes back in the end. Really???? For 1 week??? You won’t even check everyone’s status? LOL! I love social networking, but I have a pretty fulfilled “real” life too! xoxo


  2. I deactivated my account 7 days ago & I’ll have to say while it was a little difficult the first day or two, it has been very “freeing”! I realized that every time I didn’t want to do work, every time I got bored, I went to facebook. You know the feeling when you keep going back to the refrigerator, opening it up, glancing around as if something new was going to pop up? Yeah, that’s how it was starting to get! I had to do something about it because checking facebook was becoming a bad habit and even though I was getting my work done, it was starting to hinder my work performance. And when all I started to see on facebook was basically “hey, look at me, I need attention!”, I understood that I needed to do a “mental cleanse” from the facebook world STAT. I won’t lie though, I’m guilty of the “look at me” status’, too. Hence the deactivation.

    It’s funny how out of touch with your friends you feel just because you aren’t on facebook 24/7. What ever happened to writing letters? Calling people on the phone? I know I was relying on facebook to keep me in touch with my distant family members and friends that don’t live around me, which don’t get me wrong, that is a good thing, but why was I using it to keep in touch with friends that I can call up and say “hey, lets get together”? I think social networking, while great in theory, is slowly killing human face-to-face interaction.


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