Apollo 18, Conspiracy Theories and the Movies….Sounds Fun!

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So this weekend Apollo 18 opens up in theaters.  It’s another fakeumentary, that is its filmed in the same fake documentary like The Blair Witch Project and the Paranormal Activity movies.  Don’t get me wrong but it seems like anybody with a few thousand dollars and a HD video camera can make a movie now and actually get it in theaters.  Right!  Back to the movie!

The whole premise is that after the supposed last Apollo mission to the moon (Apollo 17) that there was one more that NASA and the Government covered up because of an encounter with alien beings.  There are several common sense issues I have with this but I’ll get back to that in a minute.  I want to see this movie just for the entertainment.  Mainly because it seems that Hollywood has been out of ideas and seems to want to rehash old ones.

Now my issue with this idea is that had there been another Apollo launch it would be REALLY hard to deny it happened.  I’m sure that anybody in Florida can tell you that they know when a launch goes up.  Not to mention there are die hard space program fans out there who would be at every launch and can tell you specifics about each one.

That’s not to say that I don’t believe that an alien encounter didn’t happen.  I just don’t think there was a secret extra mission.  Afterall there were 17 missions and one of them tragically didn’t even make it off the ground, and another encountered a defect that caused them not to land on the moon and nearly got lost out there.  The whole purpose of the Apollo project was to create a moon base as a way station to expand out to Mars.  Simple concept, since it takes less fuel to leave the moon than it does to leave Earth.  So what happened to that plan?  Well I’m sure funding became an issue for one or was there another reason?

There have been theories and I’m sure we’ve all seen the “footage” of NASA astronauts roaming around an abandoned alien base.   For me this footage is too crappy even for 1969 standards and too smooth to be real.  However I do find it peculiar that soon after we fired a couple of missiles on the far side of the moon that we started shutting down the shuttle program.  I do seem to remember that there was some talk about returning to the moon though.  I guess we’ll see.

The official report from the government is that those missiles were fired to see if water droplets would fly out indicating that there was water on the moon.  Perhaps in order to attempt a terraforming operation? Of course the conspiracy theorists out there have their opinions like we actually blew up a clandestine Chinese\north Korean\Russian military base.  I think if we did then tensions would have been higher than it is.  However, if there was a base there that was alien, then maybe we’re fighting a much bigger war than the public knows about.  Then again where’s the retaliation from that?

So to get back to my original point, watch what you want whether it’s YouTube or movies but please take these things with a grain of salt.


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