Ouija Boards are Niether Good Nor Evil.


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In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I’d interjects a little thought-provoking common sense.  The history of the Ouija board is really inconsequential.  It’s like the history of a screwdriver, who cares.  It’s a tool.  A better analogy would be a walky talky, it’s a communication device.  The only difference is you’re asking the spirits to take over a part of your body to communicate.  I should mention at this point, I don’t like the term “Witch Board”. It invokes some condemnation on Wiccans as if they were all satanic and immoral.

To some it’s a cute Parker Brothers game to break out at parties.  To others it’s a Hell born concept bent on dragging souls to Hell.  Parker brothers bought the patent to the board decades ago when seances were at the height of popularity.  God Bless them for helping move the economy along.  Christian religious zelics swears the boards themselves are evil.  Again, in my humble opinion, it’s just a piece of cardboard with plastic pointers.  That’s all.  Now, the use of them, on the other hand, can be very precarious.

Truth is, you don’t know who or what is actually coming through.  It could be your Great Aunt Sally, or your dad.  It could also be Earthbound spirits, angry spirits, or even demons themselves.  Earthbound spirits, in case you didn’t know are those spirits who are, simply put, stuck here.  Just roaming around without a clue as to what happened to them or why they are there.  They will lie to you just to have a conversation.

None of these spirits are stupid.  They need your energy to move the plastic pointer.  The more people on it the better.  The more it’s used the more control they have over you and eventually you may need an exorcism.

The point I’m attempting to make is that there are much safer and better ways to communicate with the spirit world than allowing something outside your body to control you.  Again, the board is not the problem.  It’s the use of that board that is.


2 thoughts on “Ouija Boards are Niether Good Nor Evil.

  1. Agreed. I’ve never used one, and never will – not because of the board itself but because of what it evil could come from it. There’s just somethings you don’t invite into your life


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