Anti-Bullying Legislation is Needed, Unless it’s About Justin Bieber

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I know it’s been a while since I posted last, a couple of months, anyway.  There hasn’t been much to say, but I have been noticing a something lately that’s just been digging in my craw that I couldn’t put my finger on.  I think I’ve finally figured it out.

For the last few years we’ve seen an alarming trend of suicides in teens as a means to escape bullies.  How do you see bullies?  Someone who picks on you or hurts you for no other reason that they simply don’t like you, right?  Here I am killing time cruising the internet and Facebook, and I keep seeing all these Bieber jokes.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan, and I’ve been guilty of this too, but wouldn’t that be considered bullying?  Would Justin Bieber be able to bring charges of bullying to any website that has the pictures of him joking about whether or not he’s a boy? IF Legislation does go through will there be an age limit set forth?

Not just him either but look at the political races that get heated up.  There was a picture going around of Al Franken in a diaper, I think it was Time that had a picture of Michelle Bachman in the middle of a speech that made her look crazy.  Look at all the shots they threw at Sarah Palin or George Bush for that matter.  How are we supposed to tell kids what bullying is and how not to be a bully when we have stuff like that flying around every couple of years?

How about the parents at the local school games that always yell at the coaches or get into fights with the refs and other parents?  Where do they stand?  How about when Churches go out and try to force what they feel is right on others? I will bet you nobody else has given any of that another thought. We just thought it was funny, or let our emotions control our actions.

Don’t get me wrong here.  I’m not advocating for bullying, but if this country is going to change we need to start NOW.  Not with our kids, not with our grandkids, but NOW.  Here. Today. With us.  I’m also not saying that we need to be pacifists, just accepting.  Politicians and the media need to stick with facts, not rumor or political spin but facts.  We as parents need to take deep breaths and not let the small things get to us, and yes your kid’s ball games are  small things.

Although it would be less entertaining advocating the making fun of others should be curbed.  No more Bieber jokes, or Rebecca Black jokes.  No more of the hurtful laughing at someone tripping and hurting their knees.  If someone makes a mistake that was completely stupid, instead of laughing just say “That’s okay”.  The world would be a much better place.

Oh, by the way, if you think all that’s going to happen, you’re insane.  It’s human nature to laugh at others and yourself.  We get mad at games, there is stress at those things.  Politicians will not stop digging into the opponents other life…EVER!  What we can do is prepare our kids for this kind of crap by dropping this silly “No Tolerance Policy” and let our kids defend themselves and others.

I’m not advocating beating people to a bloody pulp but my god, people, this can’t keep going the way it is.  Our kids need to be able to grow a backbone and fight back but that needs to start at home.  They need to know that YOU have their back, no matter what the school says.   Oh and I’m sure Justin’s response to all that crap out there against him is “I’ve got millions of dollars.  What have you got?”.


One thought on “Anti-Bullying Legislation is Needed, Unless it’s About Justin Bieber

  1. People need to man up. I got “bullied” at school, just about every kid does and it is a cliche but it is character building. Children need to learn to take criticism and be made fun of, physical bullying should be stopped the same as you can’t assault someone when you are an adult but verbal abuse? People need to get over it, if you are secure with yourself it will brush off you. Its like Stephen Fry says: (the last 30 seconds)


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