There Can be Only One

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right off the bat I’m going to say it.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I don’t believe in the Illuminati or the New World Order B.S.  However, after the last few months events it is getting harder and harder to deny that we are headed for some major shifts in the history man kind on Earth.  A few posts back I brought up the possibility of a one world Government, and why but I never discussed the how.  Click here for that post.

First, a little history lesson.  After the first World War The League of Nations was created.  I know, it sounds like a bad superhero comic, but it was an actual thing.  The Job of TLN was to prevent another world war, obviously it was ineffective.  So, after WWII, The United Nations was formed and took over many of the League’s programs.  We all know how effective the UN is.

Before George Bush took us to war with Iraq the UN passed eighty-seven resolutions in regards to Iraq.  Each one of them Saddam Husein ignored.  The UN has an UNARMED military force.  The truth is the UN is nothing but an all boys club who sits around and discusses world issues without any power to enforce them.  The UN wants the citizens of the US to give up our second amendment.   They can’t force our citizens to that.  This is the issue with creating something like the UN or TLN.  If they had the power to enforce anything like that, then we wouldn’t have sovereign countries.  We would already be a one world government.

Remember the Arab Spring?  The little civil uprisings that placed the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of most of the Middle east.  Now Egypt’s military has now got the majority control of Egypt, and President Barrack Obama praises the brotherhood while snubbing Israel.  Iran has been trying to build Nuclear Weapons.  Now China and Russia are starting to support some of these countries. For those that don’t know, The Muslim Brotherhood in its mission statement is to wipe Israel off the map and instill Sharia Law across the globe.

Now the US itself is so divided between the party lines that actual relationships get destroyed.  Just the other day the US Supreme Court ruled that a health insurance mandate can’t be held under the regulation of commerce clause but it can used under the tax code.  So now we Americans can be taxed if we don’t purchase something.  If this kind of thing keeps up America will suffer through another civil war.

We are coming to a cross roads, economies across the globe are collapsing, dangerous powers are rising.  The stage is set, all it’s going to take is one more giant war with massive destruction and casualties and it will be winner takes all.  Depending on the winner of course, or all countries (what ever countries are left) would have to dissolve their power to the UN.   Please keep in mind, this is all speculation and I’m hardly EVER right on these things.  It’s just something that popped in my head one day and finally articulated it here.  My guess though, keep an eye Syria, they’ve been real quiet through this whole thing.


2 thoughts on “There Can be Only One

  1. International law has long since been abandoned by the
    USA as BRITAIN … Domestic law abandoned under the
    cover of preventing acts of terrorism /where people have
    been stripped of all rights. The death blow by BARACK
    whom with a stroke of the pen removed the right of trial’

    Any individual can now be arrested / in having no legal representation / no charge made no court appearance
    the individual simply left to rot in an prison cell // where
    due to govt corruption /denied any basic human rights.

    There much truth in which saying more so the USA
    their aim towards political military world domination
    but blinds them / thus the wrongs they having done
    in truth are beyond words death of millions by bullet
    bomb / deprivation of water / food medicine / where
    kidnapping torture justifed/ now called lawful murder.

    The path that the USA as BRITAIN as other nations
    now upon is set in bringing great destructive power
    it a situation as TITANIC heading for the ICEBERG.

    However there being another force at work in the
    world which brings the opposite result / it’s result
    bringing a family of nations at peace / a period a
    time of great joy / of laughter / a world at peace.

    Which power be the triumphant the good or bad
    be down to the individual t’wil be each soul given
    the choice. A world at peace or / a world at war.


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