That Moment When Your Joke Backfires

Notifies people of a joke. (SVG version)

Notifies people of a joke. (SVG version) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, the words “That Moment” are used entirely way too much lately.  They do, however, fit this little true story of a conversation I just had a little bit ago.  Now I’m open about talking about “adult situations” outside of work, so this was partially my fault at work.


I was talking to one of the guards here at work.  This is nothing new if I can I try to stop by her desk because she seems to think that I’m damn funny.  I don’t know why, my jokes are usually kinda lame. Anyway, she was talking about how she likes to get up and walk over to the handicapped door button to let people in or out because she has a slipped disc.  I said, and these are my exact words; “You know what I heard was good for that?  Yoga.”  Then I paused for about thirty seconds, “or the Kamasutra”.  Normally this would make her laugh and it would boost my ego…until I heard her ask “What’s that? I’ve never heard of that. What did you say, the tamasutra?”


I knew I stepped in it just slightly at this point, I just lowered my head held the bridge of my nose and thought to myself “Oh crap! Now I have to explain it and ruin the joke.”  She’s all “Don’t start laughing at me.” To which I replied; “I’m not laughing at you, I’m just surprised you haven’t heard of it.”


“See this is why I like you, you keep me in the know.”   So I explained it in the most polite way possible, “It started in India, it’s all about different positions when you’re (long Pause, as I’m looking for the words) whooping it up.”  As soon as I said that, she understood where I was going, and said that she didn’t know anything about it and thanked me for letting her in the loop.  Because apparently it’s a secret .  To which I said that it’s been around for like a hundred years.   So bottom line, the joke was ruined and she learned something new and I, apparently, have not lead the sheltered life I thought I had.


Questions? Comments? Tell us how stupid or brilliant we are? Bring it.

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