Even Darker Still

RSEAssuming that the story in the previous post was true, and the gas was what was keeping their brain going but slowly breaking down to most basic of functions, what would have happened if the experiment were allowed to continue?

Well, let’s look at a few things that stand out to me in the story. It was mentioned that on the fifteenth night there was plenty of food left for them to have eaten but instead, to ensure they stayed awake, they started eating their own flesh. Pain was no longer a factor, but their survival instincts was high. Their blood was more oxygenated, whether by the gas or the fact that their insides were more exposed I don’t know but, if I had to venture a guess, I’d say it was the gas. Only because the brain needs oxygen to function so it would stand to reason that the gas would have that effect.

In the story as well, was the fact that most of the muscle tissue in at least one of them was barely holding on. So how were they able to fend off the soldiers that came in to pull them out of that room with such strength and veracity? It’s amazing what your brain can do when it wants to survive. The answer is I don’t know. Why isn’t the gas mentioned? Perhaps because it’s still secretly being used and tweaked a little by the Russians today?

What if the surviving “patients” were not killed off like the story suggests and the experiment continued. With the deteriorating brain conditions, the taste of flesh apparently better than the food given, and the gas physically changing their bodies I think what you would get is a Zombieland Zombie. Yup, not the type that return from the dead but the ones that are alive but really aggressive and low functioning. What if it was never about sleep deprivation?  What if it was about the gas?

Imagine the applications that this knowledge would bring.  If you could figure out a way to make this gas into a virus, unleash it on an unsuspecting control group, say in enemy territory.  That’s right let them kill themselves within.  Then what do you do about the surviving Zombies? Simply take them out and you win.

If you were to develop a chemical weapon, one that would accelerate the process of zombification, how would you test it without actually making it known? Well, let’s fast forward seventy years. Remember the story of the Causeway Cannibal? According to the Medical Examiner, he wasn’t on “Bath Salts“. Nope, he had a joint sometime before he got a serious case of the munchies. The thing about illegal drugs is that we don’t know where it’s grown or what is used to fertilize it or where the fertilizer came from. Same with Bath Salts, we have no clue how or with what this stuff is cut with, or where the cutting agent came from.

It’s kinda funny how there was a couple of incidents of the flesh-eating kind, for a couple of months and then we haven’t heard anymore since. Guess what was just legalized in a couple of states. That may actually be the saving grace because in those states you can grow your own.

Don’t worry, this was all hypothetical. Just pure speculation. I’m still pretty positive that it’s impossible for someone with their innards to be laying perfectly on the floor without a displacement of something to still be functioning as well as they were. I’m very positive that the story is bogus. Again, it just makes for good spooky story, that’s all.

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The Medical Examiner story click here.


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