Surprise! If you’re skinny – you aren’t a real woman! Wait…what?

The following is a post I wrote a while back, another one of my sleepy turned coffee inspired “rants”.  It never got further than my Facebook status, so I decided I”ll add it here.  Don’t be frightened by the title of this article: not all of my future posts are all going to be pro-woman, but I am pro-human…so it all ties together, right?  If this isn’t the type of article you prefer, then move on – or take a minute to read, you might be surprised.

A while back Dove started a “real beauty campaign“, which I have to say was, and IS, a brilliant idea!  However, like with all great ideas, there is a downside as well.  The campaign started with photos of women without makeup on, and also they claimed they were not ‘photoshopping’ any of the pictures. Great! Finally advertising done right! However, shortly after this campaign began, the internet because flooded with photos of skinny women vs not so skinny women.  So, where’s the problem with that? Well, these photos were claiming that the skinny women are not real women, and you are only a real woman if you have curves.

As a woman of curves (more than my fair share, but shhhh that’s a secret), am I supposed to be inspired by these quotes? Is it supposed to make me shout and yell “rah-rah! real women have curves!!“?  Because I’m not inspired. I’m not going to shout that from the top of a mountain. As a matter of fact:

I’m offended.

Since when does a woman’s body type determine if she is “real” or not? I am by no means lacking in the curve department, as I mentioned above, and I’m glad to see more media acceptance being shown for women that aren’t “model skinny”, BUT saying a woman isn’t real just because she doesn’t have an hour glass shape, full perky boobs, or a big round butt, is just as horrible as poking fun at someone because they are too fat, too ugly, too boring, too tall, too short, too poor…you get the point. My body is neither superior nor inferior to anyone else’s and it definitely DOES NOT define me.

My point here ties back to the first article I wrote (click here to check it out).  How are we to expect the girls of this  generation, and future generations, to grow into confident, strong, caring women if we keep encouraging the idea that a woman is only real because of her body type? Or that a man will only love/like her if she looks a certain way? There is already pressure from society for women to be perfect, so why not encourage each other instead of judging outward appearances? Come to think of it, I have to say this goes for men as well. What makes a person, man or woman, real is : their heart, attitude, personality, choices, and even their confidence (and even lack thereof!). So, as I step down off my soapbox yet again, I will say this in conclusion: girls – put on some clothes, have respect for yourselves and prove yourself through your actions not your body. And, no, I will not “like” or “share” those silly pictures that say “only real women have curves”.


Questions? Comments? Tell us how stupid or brilliant we are? Bring it.

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