Are tattoos still taboo? Really?

It has been nearly nine years since I have gone on a job interview, so to say the least I was a little nervous when I got an offer yesterday to come up and talk about a job opening later in the afternoon.   Several thoughts raced through my mind.  What if they don’t like me? What if I stick my foot in my mouth? How am I supposed to talk myself up without sounding too cocky?

Oh yeah, I better not forget about this thought:  what about my tattoos?


I thought surely my tattoos would not be an issue, but just in case I made sure to wear a long sleeved jacket to cover my wrists and used a band-aid to cover up the one on my palm.  You know, just in case.  This is 2014 after all…do people really consider tattoos taboo?

CaptureI’ll deviate from my point for a moment, just in case you were wondering how my interview went.  It went very well and she was extremely impressed with my skill-set. So, yeah, high five me!  Before I left, she asked if she could call my current manager.  If I got this job it would be an inter-company transfer so, yes of course, call my manager right away!  When I turned in my resignation, a part of me was sad that I would lose the last nine years I had spent with this company, building toward my retirement.  So when this opportunity came along to continue on with them, I felt joy!

Now back to the story: it’s been 24 hours since the interview and I just received a call from my manger; the call is what sparked this post.  He said he spoke with the woman I interviewed with and he went on to confirm everything that I thought yesterday: the interview went great and the hiring manager really like me and was super impressed. High five again! What? Too much? Ok, I’ll stop with the high fiving. Then, toward the end of our conversation he made a comment that made me want to, well, throw up the lunch I had just consumed.

“you might want to consider wearing sleeves.”

What? Did I really just hear that?  I would need to wear sleeves?  To make sure I was understanding him correctly, I took a second then asked if this was about my tattoos, he laughed and said it was.  He went on to explain: the boss of the woman that interviewed me is very old fashioned, wants everyone in a suit (um, ok) and he is not supportive of tattoos or anything of the sort.  There goes the nose ring idea I had…

So, now I come to my dilemma. If I am offered the job, which it sounds like I will be, then I will have to make sure my tattoos are covered so not to upset the big man on campus.  My tattoos are a part of who I am.  Do I give up a part of me, just to continue my tenure with the company? Do I really want to be in an office with such judgmental people?  I lost count around my 12th tattoo, but I know I’m not done yet, not by a long shot.  My tattoos are my story, my passion.  There are enough judgmental people in this world, that I don’t think I should let this type of negativity into my life.  When will people stop the madness and just accept others for who they are?



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