Half The Woman She Is

With the transition to my new position in the Columbus office (yes I got the job I ranted about in my last post, a job that I now LOVE), I’m a few posts short of my goal of one a week…ok, more like 6 posts short. BUT I’m back, and that’s what counts right? I’m sure you were all dying to know what i had to gripe about next.  Well, you’re out of luck (or in luck, depending on your view) – there’s no griping today!

Scott and I were out on the town last night, cruisin’ the night life, picking up chicks…wait, wrong life.  Let me start this again: Scott and I were out running errands last night – you know,t he usual wild Friday night shenanigans.  This week has been work, the gym, work, the gym, rinse and repeat, so I haven’t been out to any stores.  The first thing I noticed is that the stores were all bombarded with flowers, chocolates, gift baskets, etcetera etcetera. I’ll give you three guesses why all of these goodies were around, but hopefully you will only need one.  That’s right! Tomorrow is Mother’s Day!

This week I decided to do some research on the meaning behind Mother’s Day.  Honestly, being the curious human that I am, I cannot believe it has taken me so long to do a little googling (is that word listed in the dictionary yet?) to understand the meaning of this specific Hallmark Holiday.  After a few articles, I realized I had it all wrong – Mother’s Day actually has some meaning to it, and it’s not just a Hallmark Holiday.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a history lesson; just read on and give me a few minutes to tell you what I learned and then I will get to my point.  Spoiler alert: my point has nothing to do with big corporations draining us of money for this simple holiday but fret not! That post is something I am working on and hopefully I will have it together sooner or later.

I read quite a few articles, and each one had a similar basis but each contained a different meaning behind Mother’s Day; I found my research quite interesting.  In one article, the author states the celebration dates back to ancient Greeks and Romans paying homage to the Mother of Gods.  The author goes on to mention that more modern days celebrations have religious roots that tie in with Lent and in the United States it began with showing honor to mothers that struggled with women’s suffrage and life in a secular world.  So, did any of you know that it had an actual meaning?  Part of me still wonders if Hallmark (I’m using them as a scapegoat) plays off these ancient celebrations just to make an extra buck…but like I said that’s a topic for another day.  There is much more information on the link I included but I only listed the basics to save you some time and a possible headache.

Ok, mini History lesson over and onto my point.

The “point” of this blog post is the literal reason I am here today – my mother.  Now I know we all say our mother is the best, the most beautiful, so on and so on but, you guys…my mom is the real deal.  Being one of the oldest in her family of 14 (12 kids, grandma had her hands full!), my mom has always been the motherly type and went on to have 7 children of her own after she married my dad, me being child number six.

With every day that passes I find myself becoming more and more like my mom, and you know what? That is something I am most proud of. Growing up, most teenage girls are terrified to become their mothers…all I could think is “I hope I can be just HALF of the woman that she is.”

To this day, my mom always puts her children above her own needs – she does this almost to a fault.  Growing up my mom never tried to be our “best friend”, but she showed us an overabundance of love, compassion and let’s not forget…discipline when needed.  Somehow she knew exactly what we needed, how we needed it and how to follow through and in the end she has pretty awesome kids if I do say so myself.  Now I consider my mom one of my best friends, she is the first one I call whenever I have news to share or if I just need a listening ear I know she will be there to talk me through it.  I have nowhere touched the amount my mom has done for us, but I think you all understand how amazing this woman is – especially those of you that are lucky enough to know her.

So, Mom –  I don’t need a special day to tell you this but I’m sure I don’t do it enough: thank you for everything you have ever done, and still do, for me and the rest of us brats.  I don’t know what I ever did to deserve someone like you, but I’m not going to question it!


Questions? Comments? Tell us how stupid or brilliant we are? Bring it.

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