Free the…nipples?

Did my title intrigue you? Usually whenever people see, or hear, the word “nipple” all the sudden they are like a puppy dog that just heard the word “bacon” from 100 yards away. Ears perked up, tongue slobbering wet, tail wagging, get a running start, let’s get some…NIPPLES BACON!

that’s my sweet angel, Betty White (a bratty miniature schnauzer that loves bacon)

OK, I need to get back on track – this topic is not about my dog. Sorry, maybe another time I’ll tell you all about her, but for now I need to talk about nipples.

Has anyone read about the Free The Nipples campaign that has been making it’s way around the interwebs? If not, click the link above, read about it and then come back to my rant discussion. If you aren’t the researching type, here is a brief description:


Let me get this straight – this is something people are actually fighting for? Out of all the tragedies this world is facing, we’re going to argue about the freedom for women to run around topless? I guess so, I mean, I am writing about it so I guess I’m part of the problem. However, while I am pro HUMAN rights, I’m not pro-women-showing-their-nipples in public.

What happened to fighting for the starving and homeless men, women and children? Is that not *cool* anymore?

If you’re not used to my writing style, you’ll have to accept my apology in advance, my mind wonders but I do always end up back on topic – promise!

The pro-nip groups are arguing that a woman’s nipples are no more sexual than a man’s, and women should have all the same rights that men do.  I can see where their basis for an argument comes from, but it is not deeply seeded.  Fact is, men and women look at women’s breasts in a very sexual way and having the ability to walk around with your bare breasts out is not going to change that fact.

Let’s start with one of the main problems that would come with women walking around topless – increased sexual assault.  Look at the cases of rape and verbal/physical sexual assault that women already face on a daily basis…and this is with them not having their breasts completely out.  I am a victim (yes, victim!) of having large breasts, so no matter how high my neckline is, 9 times out of 10 my cleavage is out whether I want it to be or not.  I have seen the stares, heard the comments and I could not imagine what would come with having them BAM! all the way out!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 50 Pics

I do not believe for one moment that a the way a woman dresses should affect the way men (or women) treat her, it’s not acceptable at all. But, let’s get real for a minute.  We live in a crazy world, and the more provocative a women dresses the more attention she will receive.   This does not excuse the behavior of the perverts in this world, but the negative behavior is inevitable.

We also need to look into this – when is the behavior considered negative and when is it considered acceptable flirting?  In my early years, when I would actually leave the house to go somewhere other than work and the gym, I would go out with my girlfriends.  Some of them would have necklines that plunged down to their nether regions (OK, maybe not that low, but you get my point).  If a guy that deemed “hot” would comment on how sexy they were, my friend would accept the, what I call, negative perverted comments.  BUT if a minute later someone they deemed “ew, gross” would comment on her sexy attire, they would consider it sexual harassment and want to call the bouncer over.  WHAT?! How is that OK?  It’s simple – it’s not.

I am aware that once, in the early 1900’s, men were not allowed to walk around with their shirts off either – it was considered indecent. I completely agree with that and I still consider it offensive! I would rather live in a world where men didn’t walk around with their shirts off. Sorry guys, but nobody wants to see that but you!  So, question is – why don’t we fight to remove that “right” instead of fighting for women to join in on it?

So, just because men have this right – do you think it means women should also? And, if women get the right, do you think they’ll actually walk around with their tops off? Or is it just a matter of principle, of having the right?  Tell me your thoughts.


One thought on “Free the…nipples?

  1. I think more than anything it is a matter of principle. It’s about having the same rights as men and trying to not have our bodies sexualized differently than a man’s. In many European countries it is legal for women to run around top less and therefore female breasts and nipples are simply no big deal. I’m sure people had their tongues hanging out at first and I’m sure it may still happen now but it had to start somewhere. This doesn’t mean that women in Europe walk around topless all the time, it simply means it is no big deal. So bare female breasts are used in advertising and no one blinks an eye. A mother can nurse her child without a cover (some babies WILL NOT nurse with one) and it’s no big deal. I feel ultimately that is what the goal of this movement is. For that end goal is why I support it. Not because I want to run around topless or see other women run topless. I support it because women’s breasts are meant to feed their babies and SECONDLY as a sexual body part. The same way lips are for eating and SECONDLY used as a sexual body part.


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